Chenoah Lee

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One listen to Chenoah Lee's latest recording, "True North", and you will immediately appreciate the combination of musical talent and poetic writing that she brings to this collection of soulful original songs. "True North" is Chenoah's second musical collaboration with Evan LeFloch of Smallfish Adventures. With this album, Chenoah also introduces the sounds of her cultural heritage, weaving the voice of the Native American flute into the arrangement of several songs, including the title track.

Music has been a constant companion and integral part of Chenoah's life from an early age. She began singing and writing at the age of six, and never stopped -- steadily writing and performing ever since.

Growing up in Portland, OR, Chenoah became a fan of the local music scene. She attended performances in Portland, Eugene and Seattle by bands such as Calobo, Nine Days Old, Son Volt, Patty Griffin, Indigo Girls, The Waifs, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Sheryl Crow, Blues Traveler and Dave Matthews and considers many of these to be influential in her musical education, along with Billie Holiday, U2 and Jack Johnson. She continues to hone her craft; writing and accumulating a large collection of original material.

In 2008 Chenoah met Evan LeFloch at the Seattle Pike Place Market, and they decided to team up and collaborate. Chenoah and Evan first went into the studio and began recording together in 2009. "Walk Beyond" was the first album to emerge from this collaboration, followed by "True North", which also features Amanda Stamper on violin, David Revelli on percussion, and Tom Duke on the Native American flute.

Both "Walk Beyond" and "True North" are released on the Copalis Records label, which Chenoah co-founded to promote the work of indigenous and other independent artists. In addition to her own albums, Chenoah also has producer and performer credits on traditional flute albums by several Native artists. She also sings traditional Lakota songs, and plays the drum and Native American flute. Chenoah made her first flute out of Eastern Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar in 2010 and has been steadily learning the art and craft of flute making ever since. As is traditional, she will gift this first flute at the "Flutes by the River" gathering on the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon in summer of 2014.

Currently, Chenoah is working in the studio on her third album, which will be titled "Odonata".

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